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Motogiro Regulations


1We are part of the Motogiro, we are not on the track, traffic rules apply, only speed limits abolished , but don’t forget the pitfall of speed cameras and radar guns. Group A is required to have style, skill and preparation for continuous fast driving. Group B is suited to concentration and physical endurance, but no special driving dictates are imposed. Both groups are required to adhere to the schedule given in the program. It is our duty to enforce these regulations on the friends we have invited.


2Drive: the responsibility for the situation always lies with the one following from behind. So regulate yourselves. Chivalry and courtesy. Observe your partner behind you. Should he stop, follow his moves and see if he needs you.


3Stops: possibly stopping only for compelling needs.


4Safety: we never pull alongside a stationary motorcycle, but stand behind or in front of it, get off and talk while standing on the side of the road. We always ride with a rain suit on board, along with contact lenses, goggles or visors suitable for riding under water, in the dark, in fog and in the sun.

Supply points

5Refueling points are mandatory for all, indicated on the program and placed 150 km away. Friendly full system: At the dispensing pump we always fill two tanks at a time, splitting the expense with the other motogirino. We fill the tank and perform maintenance the night before we enter the hotel. We fill the tank and perform maintenance anyway and always before hooking up to the Motogiro.

Belgian system

6Belgian system: we all know it and apply it all the time. The CODA of the group is established.









The tail is indispensable, everyone must know it; it is marked by a fluorescent tailcoat.













The HEAD , also known to all, must know the route and places a PALO, usually the handler behind him, always at every detour, intersection, traffic light or in doubtful situation.










The PALO clearly signals to all who follow the direction to take.

He always waits for thequeue and immediately restarts in front of it at the turn of the path resuming the position that suits him. If there is a problem, the queue will phone or text the head to report it, and the head will take necessary action and retrieve the poles along the way. Poles can also call or text the tail and head for information, but they do not move from position in the absence of instructions.

(drawings by Claudio Antonaci, thank you!)


7It is a good rule that all participants phone or write to thank those who hosted us after our return.


8Hotels, mansions and restaurants are booked only for those on the official Motogiro list. Announce guest presenters sufficiently in advance and detail their details. Follow up with them personally and make them feel comfortable.

Having fun!