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Dalla notte dei tempi...

Imagine, however, that two friends, Lapo Sagramoso and Boris Fantechi decided back in 1986 to set out on May 1 for the mythical Futa Pass, one leaving with a group of braves, Orsola, Giannantonio Gaspari Vaccari from Verona and Bologna, and the other with a sparse handful of faithful from Lugano, Rory Floyd, Tom O’Hara, Fabio Drigo meeting in the famous trattoria below the German cemetery of the Gothic Line.

The Motogiro is born !

On an afternoon lashed by winds, but with warm spring sunshine, we curved down the greened Futa toward Scarperia, passed the rusty gates of Mugello and from Dicomano climbed back up to the Cross of the Moors, meeting other enthusiasts, and finished the ride in a small hotel near Camaldoli, the renowned Rustichello, for the occasion without hot water, in the evening great libation of mushrooms and Casentino wild boar with exponents of the local motoclub.

The next day departure for Maremma, climbing over Pratomagno diving into the newly blooming hills of Chianti, snack at Badia a Coltibuono, shortly after the first Motogiro came to an inglorious end as there was not a free room in the whole area, the chilled Boris group moved towards the Versegge in Montepescali hosted by Stefano and Francesca Guicciardini and the Lapo group, no less tried by events had to move away from Siena to finally find refuge with Elisabetta Pandolfini in the Florentine hills…since then every year early May or early June we have found ourselves in northern, central, western, eastern Italy, Slovenia, Austria and France – at the Motogiro! Thank you to everyone and especially Gianluca and Maddalena Rusconi, Giorgio Bisini, Ernico Jovi, Ric and Liz Ferniani, Gianfranco Pampaloni, Emma G. Gamboni, Fabio Ferrara, Michele Fumagalli, Gianga Rappazzini, Oscar Carbonell, Robin Dicker, Vic Catalano Gonzaga, Daniel Borchardt, Bruno Widmer and countless friends and friends!!!

During 1995 we started, first to participate then to organize together first Dolomitengiren with Livia Diegoli, journalist Benedetta de’ Micheli and their friends and then with the Alpine Motogiro, every year, in the Swiss and French Alps as well as the Italian and Austrian Dolomites!

The Alpine Motogiro is born !

The famous Motocastagnata began in 1995 at the home of Francesco and Silvia Giavatto and was and is the classic tour of Lugano and its environs one Saturday in October that ends in a peaceful barbecue, chestnuts, wine, and wild dancing, since then every Ottobri invariably…

With Kalliste Motogiro Motoclassiche in 2003 we discovered the beauty of Corsica and Sardinia, and ended up for many years at Giorgio Bisini’s house in Port Raphael. The early years were marked by camping and mountaineering, in 2005 we also conquered the summit of Mt. Cinto at 2706 m, since then every year we start again…

MOTOGIROCENA in the Lugano area since 2002, one night in all, from Ticino, Como, Varese and Milan, 3 times in the summer months.

LADAKHIANS are our travels to the continents Asia, Africa, New Zealand and America, from the 2013 once a year

MotogiroEnduroCamp, we started the first edition in the year 2015 in Ribolla, Maremma, Tuscany, making it follow in Casentino as well. It has been an immediate success as we repeat it twice a year, Spring and Fall: Light, Regular and Elite Groups.